Partner with a Leader in Practical Construction Site Safety Solutions


Partner with a Leader in Practical Construction Site Safety Solutions

Experience the Safety Site Solutions Difference: Where Every Worker's Well-being is Persona

Leading Safety Site Solutions, America George combines her passion for workplace safety with her influential roles as the vice chair of Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington and a board member. Dedicated to ensuring every construction worker’s safety and training, her work spans beyond company borders, impacting the industry at large.

America George

America George is a renowned safety advocate with a robus construction and regulatory compliance background. Her journey in the industry began on the ground, giving her an authentic understanding of the daily risks and realities workers face. As CEO of Safety Site Solutions, America brings her hands-on experience to the forefront, championing proactive safety practices and robust training programs. Her work, characterized by a blend of technical know-how and genuine care, has set industry standards and forged a path for safer work environments across the sector.


Hands-On Construction Safety Training Approach

We champion a training approach that goes beyond the classroom, instilling safety practices that workers carry through to every task.


DOSH Compliance Expertise

With deep expertise in DOSH regulations, we ensure companies are well-versed and ahead of compliance requirements.


Dedicated Representation

Our team stands with businesses during compliance checks, offering immediate assistance and expert navigation through regulations.


Customized Construction Site Safety Solutions

Understanding that no two construction sites are the same, we personalize safety solutions to align with each client's unique needs.


Industry Respect and Connection

America’s leadership within safety committees grants clients insider knowledge on safety trends and emerging industry standards.


Personal Investment in Safety

Driven by a personal commitment to the industry, our passion for safety infuses every consultation with sincerity and dedication.


America and her team are not only thorough and extremely knowledgeable, but a pleasure to work with time and time again. There is no other company we would rather lean on and trust when dealing with such sensitive topics. When it comes to safety, saving money and cutting corners never works out well. If you want someone that will over-deliver for your organization, call Site Safety Solutions.

Matt Terlau
Pivotal Construction

Her safety influence started with her connection to the field

I always enjoyed working with Mrs. America George.  She always cared deeply about people. 

I felt good when she was onsite because she looked at safety with her heart.   She always tried to listen to understand rather than to respond.

If there ever was a problem she would call me and we would work through it together.  She had buy in from the people she supported and her safety influence started with her connection to them.


She is a great Safety Professional!


Rob McNeal

Amazing Knowledge To Safety

When I met America, it was on a jobsite, and I was amazed by her Safety and DOSH compliance knowledge. I was so impressed I got with Chad, CEO of the company and we talked about having America come in to help vamp up our safety policies and procedures. Not only was she capable of helping us with that but her background with dealing with DOSH compliance was an extreme factor on why we went with her. Her ability to get our team engaged and feeling comfortable is why we will always run to her for our safety needs.

America thank you for being awesome and helping us make it home every day to our families. 



Justin Gans
Magnum Construction Services

Let this be the starting point of a partnership with Safety Site Solutions, where every measure and training session stems from a commitment to life-saving practices. Reach out to us, and experience the peace of mind that comes with a safety protocol crafted by someone who knows the industry inside and out.